Monday, 6 May 2013

The Award for Best Brother Ever Goes To...

            I got a box in the mail today from my brother for my birthday and could not believe what was in the box! 

You're jelly, right?

1. Candy: My favourite sour candy ever- Fuzzy Peaches. A big bag. Huge. Mom thinks I'm going to share them with her...
2. Umbrella: It's purse-sized and it's zebra print. I love zebra print stuff!
3. Dr. Seuss book: Fox in Socks. I freakin' love me some Seuss and a good rhyme.
4. Stuffy: A huge, round, stuffed penguin with big doe eyes. It's hilarious!
5. Lego: I still have my Lego table from childhood- not because I'm saving it for potential future children, but because I use it as an actual piece of furniture.
            It's awesome that a person can feel like an adult on Saturday at a mature afternoon tea and still enjoy the fantastic fun things from childhood. And I love that my brother, who is two-and-a-half years younger than I am, fully supports this playful, fun side of me.
            So, if you're looking for me this afternoon, you should check the floor in the living room where I will be passed out, snuggling with a penguin, after a sugar rush, Lego playtime, and a storybook.

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